Tuesday, May 31, 2011

mixed feelings on frames


I've mentioned my unreasonable affinity for sunglasses. I will literally wear them when it is raining outside. This is just the extent of my love for big and stylish frames.
That said, I draw the line at non-prescription "reading glasses." I know they can look stylish (more on that later), but wearing them seems almost unethical.
Remember in fourth grade when someone sprained his ankle and everyone wanted to try out his cool crutches for a while? And maybe we were all jealous and fantasized about getting our own crutches somehow so we could decorate them with stickers and stuff? And maybe that's just my latent M√ľnchausen syndrome?
Anyway, wearing eyeglasses-frames (I don't even know what to call them) when you don't need them seems just like that. Also, it's beyond hipster-cliche.

I stand firmly in opposition to this trend.

However, last semester something horrible happened. The soccer team threw a "CEOs and Office Hoes" party (because college is classy), and I bought some costume frames to complete my secretary outfit (which, I might add, was a hit). It then occurred to me that I look hot in glasses.
And, tragically, I have 20/20 vision.

Now, every time I see some sweet frames like those above, I endure this inner battle between my vanity and my principles. It's a struggle. Sometimes I sit in my room and wear my costume glasses and think "it's only bad if I wear them in public..."
Then I take a long hard look at my life, and put them back in the drawer.

exploring avanches


Avenches: I had to google it to get the spelling right, but google thought I was trying to search "avalanche." Then I typed "avanche switzerland," and it returned all of these news articles about avalanches killing people in my country.


Mom and I killed time for a while exploring this little town. There was a thrift store she knew I'd like.


I found this adorable little bag. The only problem was how little it really was -- I know my iPhone wouldn't fit inside. Still, if I only had a little camera and a few dollars to carry around, I'd be all over this.


They also had a wonderful collection of scarves. I keep thinking I'll buy one one of these days and use it as a headband, but I can never quite get that to work. Does anyone know a tutorial?
(I'm assuming it really only requires tying a knot, and clearly I'm just dysfunctional.)


This necklace actually elicited a gasp. So cute. The charm on the side says "Bee Mine" which is basically the most adorable thing it could possibly say.


When we finished wandering around there, it was still raining, so we opted to duck into a bakery for a little while.


I had "Petit Pain aux Sucre" which obviously meant "a little bread with sugar on it" which obviously meant "delicious." Always eager to wow people with my linguistic abilities, I tried to order in French. Apparently my accent is off-the-charts terrible. The woman at the bakery (no joke) laughed at me.

But I got my petit pain. All's well that ends well.

playing in the rain

It was chilly and raining today. A good time for a leather jacket and a maxi dress, right?





Switzerland is a nice place I feel.
Leather jacket - Zurich someplace
Dress - Forever 21
Necklace - Nordstrom BP
Wedges - Nine West

Monday, May 30, 2011

strictly subjunctive*

If I were to spend money on sunglasses, these are the ones I'd buy
Also maybe these.

Check out Janz & Cooper.

*Specifically the contrary-to-fact present subjunctive. Yeah I took latin in high school.

always buzzing

Just like neon.
Neon makes me feel like a little kid again. I stand in favor of this.






I'm home from Monte Carlo now. Wore my cozy cape on the drive home, then hung out in the garden with mom for a while. 
Capes always make me feel like a wizard or something.

Jeans - BDG
Cape - Arden B
Necklace - idk. I bought it in Lugano for like, five dollars.
Sandals - Swiss or something

Sunday, May 29, 2011

technological advances

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Now you can follow me with bloglovin. You know, if you want.

me: a manifesto

I've spent the last few hours searching the internet for a good place to host this blog, and I've come right back to where I started.
Blogger, I just don't know how to quit you.

So I voyaged home, did some major tweaking, and this blog finally seems to look the way I wanted it to all along. It looks like me.

what i look like most of the time
I honestly think I'd had some kind of identity crisis. I was trying to reconcile the fashion-blogger voice (self-assured, twee, dare I say condescending?) with the Clara-voice (sarcastic, unduly enthused with parentheticals, unqualified for this position). To hell with that. I will fashion-blog the shit out of this internet, and I will do it my way.
That is, once I get home and regain access to a quality camera. iSight isn't exactly top notch. Why I didn't bring my dslr (his name is turtle) on vacation with me is a mystery to all of us.


The thing about online shopping is that it's almost as satisfying as actual shopping, even if I'm not actually buying anything. Even if I'm just making lists of things that I'd like to buy. 

Summer essentials according to Clara. 
I used to not "get" vests at all. It's rare that only my torso is cold. Lately I've warmed up to the idea though. There's one similar to this topshop vest at H&M that I may or may not end up getting later. When I say that I mean I'm trying to think of a legitimate enough reason that I need a light wash denim vest to justify spending money on it.
We'll see whether I come up with one. Chances are, my willpower will break. Vest, you will be mine!

off to the races

I went to the Grand Prix today. That was pretty cool. Also, noisy and hot. I'm always in favor of adrenaline though.

hat - my mother's
Sunglasses - I bought them in Lugano this winter. Don't they remind you of Cassie on Skins?
Jacket - Aeropostale
Dress - Abercrombie and Fitch
yes, I dress like a fourteen year old.


I love disposable cameras. I love them a lot. It's sad to me that people don't use them more often.


People have actually asked me (with downright incredulity), "is there film in there?"


These are the pictures from Milan. What a gorgeous city.


I took a picture of Nutella. Bitches love Nutella.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Everyone has a few fashion addictions we can't seem to break. For my sister, it's graphic tees. For a friend of mine, it's flannel (although who hasn't succumbed to that at one point or another?). I, personally, have a few weaknesses that I'm known for.

my desk organizer. otherwise known as the sunglass pile.
I'm a full-fledged sunglasses addict. You'll rarely see me outdoors without them. I, of course, think this is totally reasonable.

  • I have green eyes, which means (according to my pseudoscientific memory) that my eyes are more sensitive to light than people with a darker eye color.
  • They cover a decent portion of my face, which is advantageous if I'm running to the dining hall sans-makeup (or hungover).
  • Maybe I waste money on them, but I never waste much. I've stepped on one pair too many to trust myself with expensive frames. I opt for stylish shades from H&M or Urban Outfitters that I won't feel bad about replacing in a season.
  • Even if it isn't sunny, UV rays are everywhere and you can't be too careful.
Someday when I'm old, all of my friends will have wrinkles from squinting in the sun and I won't. Who will be wearing unnecessary sunglasses then?
The answer: All of us. I'll be kind enough teach them my tricks.

Friday, May 27, 2011


My mom and I were in Milan yesterday breaking up our trip to Monte Carlo (where we are now). Naturally, going shopping was absolutely mandatory. So was gelato (twice.)
shopping in milan!

Zara elbow patch cardigan

After being in dreary Bern for a couple weeks, it was thrilling to see all of the stylish Italian women doing their thing. It made me wish I had my camera with me (and the balls to ask to photograph complete strangers).

(insert awkward first post title here)

There are certain things that every first blog post needs.

  • awkwardness
  • insecurity
  • introductions
  • self-deprecating humor
... to name a few.

hi. i'm in college. my friends and i live in squalor.
This is my blog. Honestly, I never thought I'd start a fashion blog. In fact, I made fun of them for a little while ("Who wakes up and wonders what I'm wearing? No one! I'd actually probably feel uncomfortable if that were the case!"), but you'd still find polyvore and Cupcakes and Cashmere in my bookmarks bar. I was a closet fashion fan. Who knew.

i put this picture on tumblr once. look, fashion.
Well, not many people (--that was awkward. One point for Clara). But now I'm down the rabbit hole. Here goes nothing.

sometimes my friends and i share clothes.
To be honest, I had never even considered myself a fashionable person until about a year ago (insecurity: check!). I'm more likely to roll out of bed and put on a flannel than get dressed to the nines for a day of class (especially in winter. I live in New England some of the time and the cold makes me want to curl up in my snuggie for the whole day. My snuggie is leopard print, so I get points for fashion on that front, right? Also, is this self-deprecating enough yet?). 

covered in paint. typical.
I'm also likely to come home covered in paint, so there's rarely a reason to wear nice things. I shop at H&M far too much, especially because I live in Switzerland some of the time, and the shopping in Bern leaves something to be desired. Living overseas has opened my eyes to all kinds of things, but Bernese fashion hasn't been one of them.

me and some mountains. typical.
I've saved the introductions for last. I'm Clara. It's a pleasure to meet you.
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