Saturday, May 28, 2011


Everyone has a few fashion addictions we can't seem to break. For my sister, it's graphic tees. For a friend of mine, it's flannel (although who hasn't succumbed to that at one point or another?). I, personally, have a few weaknesses that I'm known for.

my desk organizer. otherwise known as the sunglass pile.
I'm a full-fledged sunglasses addict. You'll rarely see me outdoors without them. I, of course, think this is totally reasonable.

  • I have green eyes, which means (according to my pseudoscientific memory) that my eyes are more sensitive to light than people with a darker eye color.
  • They cover a decent portion of my face, which is advantageous if I'm running to the dining hall sans-makeup (or hungover).
  • Maybe I waste money on them, but I never waste much. I've stepped on one pair too many to trust myself with expensive frames. I opt for stylish shades from H&M or Urban Outfitters that I won't feel bad about replacing in a season.
  • Even if it isn't sunny, UV rays are everywhere and you can't be too careful.
Someday when I'm old, all of my friends will have wrinkles from squinting in the sun and I won't. Who will be wearing unnecessary sunglasses then?
The answer: All of us. I'll be kind enough teach them my tricks.

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