Monday, November 28, 2011

che stress! [shopping tips]

this is an empty shopping mall. you will not see one of these for at least a month.

I learned a couple weeks ago that I have sensory processing issues. This is why I never blow dry my hair (the noise makes me want to murder someone), and why I can only stay at the mall for a couple hours (fluorescent lights are satan's invention, and I generally dislike other people). I get overstimulated pretty easily.

That's why christmas shopping is a stressful thing to have to do. Usually, if I want to go shopping, I can just wander around until I can stand no more, and then I can leave. At this time of year, I have goals.

I learned a bit on black friday this year, though. Allow me to share.

Go early.
Most people don't like getting out of bed early on weekends. And on weekdays most people do things like work. Or something. I don't know. I've never done it. But that's what I hear. Anyway, if you can get around those things, you'll be one of the only people shopping, which is worth doing.

Have a plan.
Do you know who you're shopping for? I hope so. Do you know what you're getting them? Maybe not. That's okay. It would be useful, I guess, to think of the stores that people like. Then you can go to those stores. In the most efficient order possible. Imagine that!

Use the internet.
Like, who does things in person anymore? Buy everything online and you can do it while you're under the covers in your well-lit house drinking hot chocolate and thinking about all those suckers at the mall. Suckers.

i am craving this.
Walk by Teavana as many times as possible
Take samples every time. Never go inside.

angst angst angst [gift guides, part deux]

I saw my sister this weekend, for the first time since July. That was nice, I suppose, but this kid frustrates me to no end. She's sixteen, a junior in high school, and refuses to acknowledge that one cannot spend their entire life in sweatpants. I had to literally drag her to the store to buy jeans, which she swears she will never wear. These are blue jeans. There is nothing inherently objectionable about blue jeans.

Anyway, christmas shopping for her is hard, because

  1. What she really wants, probably, is some video game that dad is already buying her, and that I would know nothing about. And, to be brutally honest, I don't really want to encourage that type of behavior.
  2. Anything I buy for her, she will immediately hate because it is I that bought it for her.
  3. The girl won't even wear blue jeans.
But here I am, stubbornly pressing on regardless. 
That's one thing we have in common.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

love in the air [weddings are great]

So last weekend my cousin got married.

This isn't a real post so much as a plug. Check out those photos. My cousin (the groom) is so in love with her.

I love weddings a lot.

Monday, November 21, 2011

i should be ashamed of myself [the beginning of the holidays]

It's not even thanksgiving and I'm excited about christmas already. Winter break is going to be phenomenal.

  • Finals will be over.
  • I'm going to ski all the time.
  • The Boyfriend is going to come visit me.
  • My sister is bringing her family to see us, including my 8 month old niece
  • I will get to sleep all the time.
  • I will drink lots of gl├╝hwein.
  • Christmas music rocks. 
So naturally I'm already thinking about Christmas presents. It makes more sense to buy them here in America, where the dollar is what it is, than in Switzerland where the dollar will buy you 1/8th of a big mac*.

Of course, when I'm browsing for christmas gifts for other people, I tend to get distracted by things I want myself. So I decided I'd get that out of the way first. 

christmas list

Madewell oversized t shirt, $68
Madewell merino wool cardigan, $88
Madewell boyfriend sweater, $50
Madewell oversized sweater, $78
Madewell oversized sweater, $50
Madewell, $158
J.Crew vintage crystal earrings, $35
ASOS slouchy hat, $17
Asos Fairisle Fingerless Gloves, $14
sweet bella™ shimmer leather pouch, $52
Printed iPhone 4 case, $25

Expect more gift guides as the holiday comes closer, including gifts for:

  • The little sister who has only begun to dress herself at the age of sixteen and needs help.
  • The boyfriend who does that impossible thing where he pretends he doesn't want anything.
  • The mother who really should start acting her age.
  • The dad, whom I will probably end up buying a puzzle or a tie.
  • The friend who has everything.
  • The friend who only ever wears three colors.
  • The niece whom I plan to spoil her whole life, so why not start now?
Get pumped. Christmastime is here.

*This is an estimation. I don't do math these days.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

going places [a night out, or not]


I was in the mood to go out and get wild last night, but the rest of the world said, "Excuse me, my parents are visiting and I'd rather not be hungover at brunch."
It was a little lame.
But I wore this anyway.


leather jacket
shirt - urban outfitters
pants - they're really just pants
shoes -  lace-up boots from zurich
purse - also from switzerland

Friday, October 14, 2011

providence sucks [rainy day style]


It rains a lot in Providence. Actually, the Swiss and Rhode Island climates are kind of weirdly similar. It's like I'm a magnet for it, except it kind of sucks and I'm definitely not seeking it out on purpose.

I do love snow though. My real problem is that it's weirdly warm here right now, so my rain jacket is too heavy, but I want to wear it anyway so as not to get wet. See?


shirt - lilly
pants - um i don't know. they're pretty much black jeggings.
boots - hunter
nails - fly as shit. OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous faded into clear.

i'm baaaack! [an apology]

So, I'd been missing in action. Very much so. I'm back, I think, for a little while. If all goes according to plan, I'll have an outfit post up by the end of the day. This involves buying a new memory card (which has been my excuse for not posting in a while... it's a long story).

Anyway, I was reading my school's fantastic fashion magazine (Unhemmed), and I realized I miss this.

I'd stopped blogging for a number of reasons, really, and they all seem to involve a rut that I have found myself facing.

  • I'd lost my memory card. Actually, I lent my small point-and-shoot camera to someone, memory card inside, and I never got it back. Now it's lost, but presumably in my house somewhere, so I'd been delaying buying a new one. The time has come.
  • I didn't have any good places to shoot, which was problematic. My bedroom is typical college-messy, and I was pretty sure I'd embarrass myself doing anything outside. I've changed my mind about that, mostly because embarrassing myself is no longer a concern. 
  • I stopped feeling stylish. I started feeling practical. I spent a long time angsting out about my concentration (linguistics, I've decided) and worrying about my future and blogging about clothes didn't seem to fit into that. The problem with that paradigm is that it sucks.
So... I'm back! Or, I will be, just after I get back from the bookstore.
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