Tuesday, May 31, 2011

mixed feelings on frames


I've mentioned my unreasonable affinity for sunglasses. I will literally wear them when it is raining outside. This is just the extent of my love for big and stylish frames.
That said, I draw the line at non-prescription "reading glasses." I know they can look stylish (more on that later), but wearing them seems almost unethical.
Remember in fourth grade when someone sprained his ankle and everyone wanted to try out his cool crutches for a while? And maybe we were all jealous and fantasized about getting our own crutches somehow so we could decorate them with stickers and stuff? And maybe that's just my latent M√ľnchausen syndrome?
Anyway, wearing eyeglasses-frames (I don't even know what to call them) when you don't need them seems just like that. Also, it's beyond hipster-cliche.

I stand firmly in opposition to this trend.

However, last semester something horrible happened. The soccer team threw a "CEOs and Office Hoes" party (because college is classy), and I bought some costume frames to complete my secretary outfit (which, I might add, was a hit). It then occurred to me that I look hot in glasses.
And, tragically, I have 20/20 vision.

Now, every time I see some sweet frames like those above, I endure this inner battle between my vanity and my principles. It's a struggle. Sometimes I sit in my room and wear my costume glasses and think "it's only bad if I wear them in public..."
Then I take a long hard look at my life, and put them back in the drawer.


  1. stay strong. don't wear pointless glasses!!
    I am the same though, I have a pair of black frames I found and wore to a party (dressed as Daria!). they look pretty awesome!
    can't do it though. too stupid!

  2. I too have this problem of perfect vision and a longing for lenses! I even wrote a post about the advantages of glasses ages ago http://fashionmoriarty.blogspot.com/2010/11/glasses-and-their-many-advantages.html

    I'm so tempted. But then Justin Bieber wore them and it killed the trend :/

  3. I am blind without my glasses. Other people try them on and recoil in horror. My glasses are cool and all, but it's almost like they're a part of my body... that i can take on and off an potentially lose, which is sort of scary... I wish I had 20/20 vision! No more stumbling around the house in the morning looking for my glasses and not being able to find them because I can't see!


oh my gosh, comments make me so excited. i read all of them and then read them out loud again to all of my friends at parties. this is why i'm so popular in real life.

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