the sunshine:
Hi. I'm Clara. I wear sunglasses all the time.
I consider myself an optimist, I think, and maybe that's why I feel like I always need to be prepared for the best. I wake up thinking, "today is going to be awesome, and I need to be ready for all of the awesome things that could happen."
Maybe I don't always wake up thinking that. Maybe I wake up thinking "... coffee?" or maybe I wake up thinking an array of expletives aimed at my phone alarm or maybe I wake up thinking "perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if I skipped economics just this once." The point I'm making is that one might construe my ever-present sunglasses as perhaps a metaphor for my outlook.
That is, sunny. Most of the time.

the rebellion:
I'm not your average fashion blogger. Maybe there's no such thing as an average fashion blogger anyway. But the way I see it, there's a certain platonic ideal of the fashion blogger that we're all trying to attain, and it took me about fifteen minutes to get tired of that. I can only go on about my love of messy buns and baked goods for so long. I don't even like messy buns that much.
So this is a fashion blog according to Clara. I'm sunny and I'm sarcastic. I'm probably making fun of you. The only thing I have is my voice, and please come over and flog me if I ever start to give that up in the name of "being friendly" or "fitting in." To hell with that nonsense. 

This is distilled enthusiasm with a kick. This is your vodka cranberry.
This is the sunshine rebellion.
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