Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ack! [nantucket style]

I've been gone, and when I was gone I was in Nantucket, seeing some of my high school friends who have a house up there. We've made a bit of a tradition of visiting these friends at the end of the summer, and I'm glad it's something I had the chance to do.
Getting out of work was nice too.

Nantucket always brings out my inner prep like a boss. Suddenly, upon boarding the little tiny plane that hops between Boston and ACK airport, I abandon my typical hipster-vintage-classic-girly look (I did not make that up. Michelle gets full credit for such an in-depth analysis of my style) and decide I will wear only pastels and nautical stripes for the rest of my life.

Which is pretty much fine.

Friday, August 12, 2011

links a la mode

So IFB chose one of my posts for their weekly Links A La Mode. The other posts are pretty awesome as well, so yall should check it out. IFB is such a great community for the fashion-bloggers among us, and I love that they do these link round ups.

One of the major perks of being a fashion blogger is joining a rich community of people to learn from. This week's links are all about education--from posts that take a critical look at fashion-inspired books, to an inside look at the much buzzed about fashion summer camp. Of course, we couldn't leave out a link to our favorite education event... the upcoming IFB Conference! We hope you enjoy (and learn something, too!)


Saturday, August 6, 2011

clara needs to find a better way to take pictures






Because while I enjoy the way these came out, and creativity is borne of necessity and all of that, my camera was hanging from a tree during this shoot, which made me nervous.

Sunglasses - Forever 21
Blazer - stole it from my sister's old school uniform
Shirt - H&M
Shorts - Levi's
Shoes - idk

everyone is judging you

College Fashion: Tips & Tricks for Meeting the Roommate

I generally like CollegeFashion.net. I do. They have nice interviews and cute series where they dress you up like a tv character. It's gimmicky and sweet. But something about this article rubbed me the wrong way, and I'm trying to figure out why.

That's me and my roommate last year, jumping on mattresses in our creepy ass hallway. We were just having a ball. We were never best friends, but we were good buds, and that's all we needed. We had a great time in the room, and did our own things otherwise.

We also broke the rules, according to CollegeFashion.net.

I facebook-stalked the shit out of this girl. I knew at what point in her gap year she got her nose pierced. I knew her soccer team's colors. I mentioned in my first email to her that I knew she liked Passion Pit, and that this meant we would get along just fine.

She was not creeped out (I don't think). She said she'd stalked me too, we talked about The Weepies, and all was well. I did not stop stalking when I thought I might develop dangerous preconceived notions. I did not "clean up my profile." In fact, I always find it a little weird when they tell you to do that. I have nothing to hide!
I mean, if there were pictures of me on facebook smoking a crack pipe while stealing a car, that would be a problem. The fact that I was smoking a crack pipe while stealing a car would be a bigger problem though. I don't worry about what parts of me are on the internet as much as I worry about being the kind of person I'm not ashamed to show.
Yes, that includes "pictures that would embarrass me" and "inappropriate comments." That's me.

My point is twofold.

  1. Freshman, don't be afraid of your roommates! They are not judging you! Or maybe they are! Whatever!
  2. People should be themselves, cliche as that is.
That's what I have to say about that.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

fashion camp: this exists

(see #5)

Fashion camp.

If I'm being honest, there's a solid part of me that's bewildered right now. The other part of me is wondering if they're taking interns.

I love summer camp. I always have. My time in Bologna felt a little bit like "Italy camp" and I loved that too. If kids want to pursue their interests over the summer, no one should stop them. There are so many options these days (I, personally, have been to rock music camp, political activism camp, outdoors camp, nerd camp, biking camp, and documentary film camp, to name just a few) that the existence of fashion camp doesn't surprise me at all.

Do you really need your parents to spend over a thousand dollars to indulge an interest in fashion though? The program's only a week long, and while I'm sure the instruction is high quality and all of that, I've learned so much on my own without spending a dime (except, you know, on clothes, which I've been meaning to stop doing, by the way) that I don't really see the point.

I guess it's fun. Camp is always fun. Now I'm getting all nostalgic.
1. Remember before people all had cell phones (or when phones were contraband at camp) and on the last day you'd run around getting people's real names and phone numbers and home addresses in a little notebook? Good times.
2. Before friendship bracelets were a fashion statement, they were a sign of popularity and a way to pass the time. 
3. Flip flops errrday.
4. Jean shorts were also a staple, of course. 
5. I used about four disposable cameras once in just a week of camp a few years back, before they were a hipster thing (and when I didn't have a digital camera of my own). I didn't develop them until a few months later. What a good feeling.
6. Bringing one swimsuit and getting awkward tan lines has to be a rite of passage, right? Maybe I was just awkward. That's also possible.
7. The ambiguous definition of "water shoes" meant I was always bringing my old sneakers and making them look even more disgusting, frolicking in streams and climbing into canoes and such, as one does.
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