Tuesday, May 31, 2011

exploring avanches


Avenches: I had to google it to get the spelling right, but google thought I was trying to search "avalanche." Then I typed "avanche switzerland," and it returned all of these news articles about avalanches killing people in my country.


Mom and I killed time for a while exploring this little town. There was a thrift store she knew I'd like.


I found this adorable little bag. The only problem was how little it really was -- I know my iPhone wouldn't fit inside. Still, if I only had a little camera and a few dollars to carry around, I'd be all over this.


They also had a wonderful collection of scarves. I keep thinking I'll buy one one of these days and use it as a headband, but I can never quite get that to work. Does anyone know a tutorial?
(I'm assuming it really only requires tying a knot, and clearly I'm just dysfunctional.)


This necklace actually elicited a gasp. So cute. The charm on the side says "Bee Mine" which is basically the most adorable thing it could possibly say.


When we finished wandering around there, it was still raining, so we opted to duck into a bakery for a little while.


I had "Petit Pain aux Sucre" which obviously meant "a little bread with sugar on it" which obviously meant "delicious." Always eager to wow people with my linguistic abilities, I tried to order in French. Apparently my accent is off-the-charts terrible. The woman at the bakery (no joke) laughed at me.

But I got my petit pain. All's well that ends well.

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