Friday, May 27, 2011

(insert awkward first post title here)

There are certain things that every first blog post needs.

  • awkwardness
  • insecurity
  • introductions
  • self-deprecating humor
... to name a few.

hi. i'm in college. my friends and i live in squalor.
This is my blog. Honestly, I never thought I'd start a fashion blog. In fact, I made fun of them for a little while ("Who wakes up and wonders what I'm wearing? No one! I'd actually probably feel uncomfortable if that were the case!"), but you'd still find polyvore and Cupcakes and Cashmere in my bookmarks bar. I was a closet fashion fan. Who knew.

i put this picture on tumblr once. look, fashion.
Well, not many people (--that was awkward. One point for Clara). But now I'm down the rabbit hole. Here goes nothing.

sometimes my friends and i share clothes.
To be honest, I had never even considered myself a fashionable person until about a year ago (insecurity: check!). I'm more likely to roll out of bed and put on a flannel than get dressed to the nines for a day of class (especially in winter. I live in New England some of the time and the cold makes me want to curl up in my snuggie for the whole day. My snuggie is leopard print, so I get points for fashion on that front, right? Also, is this self-deprecating enough yet?). 

covered in paint. typical.
I'm also likely to come home covered in paint, so there's rarely a reason to wear nice things. I shop at H&M far too much, especially because I live in Switzerland some of the time, and the shopping in Bern leaves something to be desired. Living overseas has opened my eyes to all kinds of things, but Bernese fashion hasn't been one of them.

me and some mountains. typical.
I've saved the introductions for last. I'm Clara. It's a pleasure to meet you.

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