Sunday, June 5, 2011




My mom was giving me hell for having chipped nails the other day, so now I've painted them this orangey-coral color.
I never have naked nails for more than ten minutes at a time. I'm basically okay with chipping polish, but I can't deal with the way my nails look with nothing on them.

I don't think summer 2011 has any big trends like summer 2010 did (hello, minty green shade that everyone in the world wore in order to exude hipness). On one hand, I'm in favor of this, mostly because  I was sick of that green color, but on the other hand nail polish is one of those areas where it's generally cheap and easy to be on-trend. That's always nice.

(Notice my hand-based-language, because we're talking about nails. I should be an English major.)

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  1. it is always my favorite color. Now, I can try it on my nail:)) The picture is so pretty


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