Wednesday, June 1, 2011




Today mom and I took my grandfather and de facto grandmother to Murten, another little french-speaking town. We got there around 1:30, which apparently is not a time that one ought to seek lunch in Murten.
Mom and I ran from restaurant to restaurant (leaving the older generation in the dust) trying to find someplace that would serve us. One woman said, "I'm sorry, but we close at two." My mom said, "It's only one thirty!" The hostess laughed.
It was very poor manners.


We ended up finding a wonderful little restaurant in a cellar that would take us. I had some pommes frites and felt less bitter about the whole thing.


All of this is because I got my hair done this morning, actually. We were meant to get to Murten around 12:30, but the salon took a while making me strawberry blonde. Do you think it's too orange?
I am of two minds about the whole thing.
Dress - H&M
Jacket - Aeropostale
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters?
Gold belt - Target
Shoes - H&M


  1. lovely style dear!! great dress and flats!!


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