Monday, November 28, 2011

che stress! [shopping tips]

this is an empty shopping mall. you will not see one of these for at least a month.

I learned a couple weeks ago that I have sensory processing issues. This is why I never blow dry my hair (the noise makes me want to murder someone), and why I can only stay at the mall for a couple hours (fluorescent lights are satan's invention, and I generally dislike other people). I get overstimulated pretty easily.

That's why christmas shopping is a stressful thing to have to do. Usually, if I want to go shopping, I can just wander around until I can stand no more, and then I can leave. At this time of year, I have goals.

I learned a bit on black friday this year, though. Allow me to share.

Go early.
Most people don't like getting out of bed early on weekends. And on weekdays most people do things like work. Or something. I don't know. I've never done it. But that's what I hear. Anyway, if you can get around those things, you'll be one of the only people shopping, which is worth doing.

Have a plan.
Do you know who you're shopping for? I hope so. Do you know what you're getting them? Maybe not. That's okay. It would be useful, I guess, to think of the stores that people like. Then you can go to those stores. In the most efficient order possible. Imagine that!

Use the internet.
Like, who does things in person anymore? Buy everything online and you can do it while you're under the covers in your well-lit house drinking hot chocolate and thinking about all those suckers at the mall. Suckers.

i am craving this.
Walk by Teavana as many times as possible
Take samples every time. Never go inside.

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