Friday, October 14, 2011

i'm baaaack! [an apology]

So, I'd been missing in action. Very much so. I'm back, I think, for a little while. If all goes according to plan, I'll have an outfit post up by the end of the day. This involves buying a new memory card (which has been my excuse for not posting in a while... it's a long story).

Anyway, I was reading my school's fantastic fashion magazine (Unhemmed), and I realized I miss this.

I'd stopped blogging for a number of reasons, really, and they all seem to involve a rut that I have found myself facing.

  • I'd lost my memory card. Actually, I lent my small point-and-shoot camera to someone, memory card inside, and I never got it back. Now it's lost, but presumably in my house somewhere, so I'd been delaying buying a new one. The time has come.
  • I didn't have any good places to shoot, which was problematic. My bedroom is typical college-messy, and I was pretty sure I'd embarrass myself doing anything outside. I've changed my mind about that, mostly because embarrassing myself is no longer a concern. 
  • I stopped feeling stylish. I started feeling practical. I spent a long time angsting out about my concentration (linguistics, I've decided) and worrying about my future and blogging about clothes didn't seem to fit into that. The problem with that paradigm is that it sucks.
So... I'm back! Or, I will be, just after I get back from the bookstore.

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