Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today, Caroline told me I looked like I was in a movie. I like that feeling. Also, today I discovered that my new dress from Zara is shorter than I thought it was. That's okay too.



This bag is an interesting one. In Bern, there's a little artisan shop where they make leather bags like this. You can customize all of it, and they're hella expensive but also hella high quality. My mom got me one for my birthday, and I went into the store and picked everything out. Light blue leather, navy blue stitching, a floral design on the inside, all of it.
It's an investment piece, clearly. The sort of bag that I'll have when I'm fifty. It's only been a year, and the leather is already starting to feel soft and well-loved.

Also, I'm the worst vegetarian ever. Two of my most cherished sartorial items required the slaughter of an animal. However, because technically my vegetarianism only limits my American dining (we really do terrible things to our produce, before we kill them), I suppose I could apply that same principle to leather items. 
I mean, the cow who I must have killed for my bag probably had a nice life roaming the Alps beforehand, right?

Oh, morals. What a troublesome thing.

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