Tuesday, June 14, 2011

feeling like a domestic goddess

I finally properly decorated my apartment. Get this. I made curtains. That's right. I made curtains.

It was actually remarkably easy. It couldn't have taken longer than fifteen minutes. Here's basically what happened. I bought two relatively cheap scarves from a nearby thrift store (matching scarves, at that, which happened to be the perfect length), and cut a couple holes in the top, and tied ribbons through them.


Seriously. And then I put them on a curtain rod. Which was already there, senza curtains. Literally the easiest thing in the world.


They're a bit sheer, which is fine by me because it lets the light in somewhat. I just needed something to
  1. Keep the neighbors from seeing me naked.
  2. Keep the sunshine from punching me in the face at 6:30 in the morning.
Mission accomplished, my darlings.
While on this domestic kick, I bought a sunflower and stuck it in an old wine bottle (and tied it with a matching ribbon, for the sake of class), and I taped some stuff up on my wall. It's been a good day for the aesthetic appeal of my living space.


Ciao, ragazze.

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