Monday, November 21, 2011

i should be ashamed of myself [the beginning of the holidays]

It's not even thanksgiving and I'm excited about christmas already. Winter break is going to be phenomenal.

  • Finals will be over.
  • I'm going to ski all the time.
  • The Boyfriend is going to come visit me.
  • My sister is bringing her family to see us, including my 8 month old niece
  • I will get to sleep all the time.
  • I will drink lots of gl├╝hwein.
  • Christmas music rocks. 
So naturally I'm already thinking about Christmas presents. It makes more sense to buy them here in America, where the dollar is what it is, than in Switzerland where the dollar will buy you 1/8th of a big mac*.

Of course, when I'm browsing for christmas gifts for other people, I tend to get distracted by things I want myself. So I decided I'd get that out of the way first. 

christmas list

Madewell oversized t shirt, $68
Madewell merino wool cardigan, $88
Madewell boyfriend sweater, $50
Madewell oversized sweater, $78
Madewell oversized sweater, $50
Madewell, $158
J.Crew vintage crystal earrings, $35
ASOS slouchy hat, $17
Asos Fairisle Fingerless Gloves, $14
sweet bella™ shimmer leather pouch, $52
Printed iPhone 4 case, $25

Expect more gift guides as the holiday comes closer, including gifts for:

  • The little sister who has only begun to dress herself at the age of sixteen and needs help.
  • The boyfriend who does that impossible thing where he pretends he doesn't want anything.
  • The mother who really should start acting her age.
  • The dad, whom I will probably end up buying a puzzle or a tie.
  • The friend who has everything.
  • The friend who only ever wears three colors.
  • The niece whom I plan to spoil her whole life, so why not start now?
Get pumped. Christmastime is here.

*This is an estimation. I don't do math these days.

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