Monday, June 13, 2011

if you want to be cool, buy this expensive shit

This is ridiculous.
you do not need a designer ping pong set.
Elle has a list of "future classics." If by "future classics" they mean "ridiculous overpriced things that are not even all that attractive," then sure. Reading through the list, I wasn't sure whether to feel repulsed, amused, or just really broke. It's nonsense.

No one needs Elle to tell them that there is a "new must-have engagement ring" with a big colorful rock like Princess Kate's. The fact that something as personal as an engagement ring would be a fashion item in general is ridiculous to me (shouldn't engagement rings be timeless?), and then there's the fact that the example Elle gives is a "sapphire stunner from Harry Winston."
Oh, yeah, I'll just get my boyfriend to run out and buy one of those real quick, he won't mind.
(I don't actually have a boyfriend. Also I'm nowhere near getting engaged. Also rings make me feel antsy so I don't wear them all that often.)

The list also features a $20,000 pair of reversible earrings. Pearl on one side, diamond on the other. How convenient!

This is why I have historically disliked fashion. It's always trying to sell you something you don't need. My communist friend and I have had long conversations about how the industry changes the ideals every few seasons so that we have to buy a new wardrobe, and with that a new "lifestyle," or even a new identity. 

Can we stop that now please?

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